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SOS Inventory and QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I am pleased to announce that I am now officially an SOS Inventory Certified Consultant and ProAdvisor. SOS Inventory is a third-party app that provides a strong inventory solution to QuickBooks Online (QBO).

SOS Inventory ProAdvisor Certified Consultant

SOS Inventory works well for industries that carry and need to keep track of inventory. The application is probably best suited for wholesale, distribution and light manufacturing. Yes, SOS Inventory carries all of the normal functionality of inventory processing like:

  • Estimates

  • Sales Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Pick, Pack and Ship

  • and Invoicing

It also carries some more complex functions such as:

  • Serial Numbers

  • Lot/Batch Tracking

  • Multiple Lication

  • Bins/Aisles

  • Barcodes

  • Work-in-Progress

  • Kits

  • Drop Shipping

  • Rentals

  • Job Costing

  • Automated Order Processing

SOS Inventory provides safe, seamless, bidirectional syncs with QBO and also integrates with ShipStation, UPS, PayPal and Shopify. API connections are available too.

If you are looking for a great inventory solution to QBO, call me to see how I can assist you with implementing SOS Inventory in your place of business.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Steven R. Jones, CPA

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