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Service isn’t just about receiving a tax return or a set of financial statements. It is an active dialogue between you and your CPA. Together we analyze where you are today and plan for where you want to be in the future. To do this well, a CPA needs to be interested in your dreams and eager to help you achieve them. We are genuinely interested. Sure, we can simply prepare a tax return if that is all you want. But what we really love doing is helping you make wise decisions through our professional consultations.  Engage our valuable knowledge and experience to do more than just prepare paperwork, but to provide insight and information to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
Common Areas of Practice


  • Taxation - Business, Individual, Trust, Estate & Non-Profit

  • Accounting - Bookkeeping & Payroll

  • Financial Statements

  • Business Valueations

  • Business Consulting

  • Accounting Software Consulting

  • Tax Planning

Call Us Today for a Consultation

Steven R. Jones, CPA, PA

3903 North Dale Blvd
Suite 100E

Tampa, FL 33624



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